Gerrard Williams

Gerrard Williams has been an International Television Journalist and film-maker for over 30 years.

After graduating from Journalism College he was hired by Visnews, the international TV News Agency, where he spent two years before moving to Australia, working for ABC and Australian Associated Press as well as being Independent Radio News correspondent for two years.

On his return to the U.K. he rejoined Visnews and after various jobs elsewhere in TV news was eventually appointed Duty Editor at Reuters Television.
He has worked as a Foreign Duty Editor at The BBC, Sky News and APTN.

Gerrard has worked and reported in over 65 countries and has set up and managed/edited projects as diverse as Superchannel News, European Business Today for BSB/SKY, Breakfast Editor at European Business News, and Managing Editor at Africa Journal.

He directed his first documentary in 1983. He has been responsible for hundreds of live hours of broadcast television.

He has covered most of the top international news stories of the last 20 years, including the fall of the Soviet Union, the war in Yugoslavia, the Rwanda Genocide, the first Gulf War, the aftermath of the second and the US occupation of Iraq,and the 2004 Tsunami.

Gerrard returned to long-form film making after successfully running an independent news production company, News-Source U.K. that produced news, entertainment and documentary programming for Sony Entertainment Television and the breakfast program for European Business News (now CNBC Europe).

He has also produced corporate videos for various United Nations departments, Hilton Hotels, Berjaya Bay Hotels, Seychelles Airlines, Weavering Capital and has advised on the use of video inserts into many web-based products.

He has recently made documentary films in Kenya, Argentina and Albania, which have been broadcast by Al-Jazeera International, SIC in Portugal, Channel 4 News in the UK and SKY News.

He is currently post-producing a major Drama-Documentary "Grey Wolf" and is developing various feature film proposals.

Gerrard is married with two grown-up children, a Labrador called Max and an ancient cat "Suki".

Simon Dunstan

A well-established author, filmmaker and photographer, Simon Dunstan has written more than 50 books on military history, particularly on World War II and Vietnam. He has also written and directed numerous military history documentaries for the History Channel.